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Hi, we are Busy Studio. Experts at branding, crafting websites, and presentations that make an impact.
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Our passion is making innovative brands bold and visible in the market.
Our passion is making innovative brands bold and visible in the market.
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Practical and results-driven design approach

Lean approach

We ask hundreds of "why" questions upfront, allowing us to suggest the most efficient solutions to achieve your business goals.

Design for real life

We create designs that not only look great but also work seamlessly, scale easily, and are easy to use.

Business immersion

We immerse ourselves in your product, target audience, and market research to help you develop a strong positioning strategy.

We thrive working with trailblazers in their industries

Functional design with a creative touch


Brand audit, Brand positioning, Logo design, Visual identity, Packaging design

Web Design

UX/UI audit, Prototyping and copywriting, Tone of voice, Visual style, Web design, Illustrations, Zero-code development


Structure and copywriting, Visual style, Presentation design, Corporate templates, Infographics and illustrations

Design support

Outsourced design team
You’ll find we are the ideal partners for those who want to
Launch new products or enter new markets
Work with a reliable and fast design support team
Update company branding and website to match your desired scale, character, and approach
Clearly and boldly convey your product’s value to customers and prospects
Jun 20, 2023
Busy studio gave their maximum effort to accommodate our ideas and bring them to life, which isn't always easy. The team worked quickly and met deadlines. They always accommodated adjustment requests from us and were highly proactive.
Jana, Employer branding specialist, SaaS Tech Enterprise
Mar 7, 2023
With Busy we created a bulletproof presentation that inspires and provides useful information for potential investors.  I appreciate Busy’s way of caring, high quality in detail, very correct, and effective communication.
Pavel, CEO, online IT-school Kodlasam
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Sep 19, 2022
Busy studio were very friendly and interested in the project; they wanted to know all the details. Although they are a small studio, they appreciated every client. Busy studio did everything in the best way possible.
Svetlana, CMO
Jul 7, 2022
The most impressive things about their work were their organized workflow.

Artjoms, Founder & CEO
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