A trusted solution
for robotic automation

What is Primo RPA?

Primo RPA is a platform for robotic automation. They assist mid-sized companies and enterprises in increasing effectiveness and speed with robots that can perform tedious tasks without mistakes.

Visual Identity

Primo RPA has its registered logotype and violet as a color. A robot as the main part of the product has become a key element of their identity, appearing as a form, pattern, or photo mask. This has created a new brand identity connected with the existing logotype.

Web Design

The previous website wasn’t prepared for marketing campaigns as it didn't provide information about the product. Starting with structure and copywriting, we crafted a website for the client and developed it using a a zero-code solution. Now they are scaling it and adding new pages.

Presentation Template

To assist managers in enhancing their presentations for clients and partners, we created a go-to presentation template designed not just for designers, but for the whole team. With preset layouts, it's easy to use and adjust for any purpose.

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