Adaptacija: embracing change

About Adaptacija

Adaptacija is an educational project located in Belgrade. They offer educational lectures, cultural tours, and expeditions that delve into Balkan culture, history, art, and psychology.

The Brand Concept

"Adaptacija" translates to 'adaptation' in Serbian. Embracing adaptability means being open to the world, being willing to revise your perspective, and acknowledging uncertainty in your current knowledge. This idea of shifts and transformations serves as a metaphor for their future visual style.

Visual Identity

The visual identity is centered around shifts and changes. The main focus is placed on the lectures and their descriptions. As Adaptacija's marketers support the style without an in-house design team, we made sure the style is scalable and user-friendly.


To aid in their growth, we designed a website where you can reserve a spot for upcoming lectures or events. The website is built on a zero-code platform, allowing the team to effortlessly add new events within minutes, without requiring a design team.

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